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Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan: Outpatient Imaging Program Refresher Webinar

Date: 02/19/20

Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan has utilized National Imaging Associates (NIA) to manage non-emergent, advanced outpatient imaging services since 2014. In an effort to continue providing quality management of these services, Ambetter and NIA are offering providers a refresher education session webinar that covers the NIA prior authorization process. There will be two 1-hour long webinar sessions offered; providers will only need to attend one of these sessions. 

This webinar is dedicated to helping ensure that Ambetter members continue to receive diagnostic imaging services delivered in a quality, clinically appropriate fashion.

Register for one of the sessions by clicking either of the links provided in the event details below:


·   Session 1 – Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 8:00 a.m. CST

·   Session 2 – Thursday, February 20, 2020, 12:00 p.m. CST

It is recommended but not mandatory that providers RSVP at least one week prior to the training by registering for one of the education sessions below. A registration confirmation email will come from NIA for the webinar session selected. It is recommended that computer access is utilized if possible, for ease in accessing education documents during the webinar.

You will need a computer with Internet access to view the education materials presented during the Webinar. Please attempt to sign in 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time.

All Ambetter-approved training/education materials are posted on the NIA website, For new users to access these web-based documents, a RadMD account ID and password must be created.

To get started, simply go to, click the New User button and submit a “RadMD Application for New Account.” Once the application has been processed and a password link delivered by NIA via e-mail, you will then be invited to create a new password. Links to the approved training/education documents are found on the My Practice page for those providers logged in as an Imaging Facility and among the RadMD Menu Options for those logged in as Ordering Physician. If you are an Imaging Facility or Hospital that performs imaging exams, an administrator must accept responsibility for creating and managing all logins to RadMD. Your RadMD login information should not be shared.