My Health Pays® Rewards Program



My Health Pays®



As an Ambetter member, you can earn reward dollars for taking charge of your health. Our My Health Pays® program rewards you for completing healthy activities.

You will receive your My Health Pays® Visa® Prepaid Card when you earn your first reward. If you already have your My Health Pays® Visa Prepaid Card, your reward dollars will be added to your existing card.

We'll automatically add any new rewards you earn to your My Health Pays® Visa Prepaid Card. The more you do, the more reward dollars will be added to your card. It's that simple!

Start Earning My Health Pays® rewards today!

Sample image of the My Health Pays Visa card

You can use your rewards to help pay for:

  • Your healthcare-related costs, such as:
    • Your monthly premium payments
    • Doctor copays*
    • Deductibles
    • Coinsurance
  • Your monthly bills such as:
    • Utilities (gas, electric, water)
    • Telecommunications (cell phone bill)
    • Transportation, Education, Rent, Childcare

*My Health Pays® rewards cannot be used for pharmacy copays, except at Walmart.
+Rewards may not be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, or firearms products.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, My Health Pays® rewards are not redeemable at Walmart and Sam’s Club. 


Earn $50  Complete your Ambetter Wellbeing Survey during the first 90 days of your membership. Start the survey now!

Earn $50  Get your annual wellness exam with your primary care provider (PCP). Find a PCP. 

Earn up to $75 this yearStay active to earn up to $75 this year! Complete a physical activity like going to the gym, taking a hike, playing a game of soccer or running a 5K race. Earn $25 for each activity you complete.

Earn $25  Receive your annual flu vaccine in the fall (9/1-12/31). Schedule it with your PCP.  

Earn $50  Complete an On.Target* program – a personalized health plan focused on nutrition, weight management, stress management, fitness, tobacco cessation or financial well-being. Log in to to get started!  


checkmark Set goals for yourself
checkmark Work at your own pace using interactive quizzes, checklists, videos, to-do lists and more

Gym Visits and related activities
10 Gym Visits
10 More Gym Visits
10 More Gym Visits
Go to a gym, pool, ice rink, martial arts or similar workout facility 10 times. 
Fitness Activities
5 Outdoor Activities Participate in an outdoor physical activity on 5 separate occasions. Choose from activities such as a hike, an outdoor fitness class, a bike ride, etc.
5 Social Activities Take part in a physical activity with a friend and/or family member on 5 separate occasions. Go on a walk, play a game of soccer or basketball, etc.
Walk or Run a Race Participate and finish one sponsored race that is 5K or further.
Lifestyle Manager Activity Tracking
Track a Physical Activity Use your online Lifestyle Manager to track a physical activity at least one time during the Program Year. 
Log 500 Minutes of Physical Activity Log at least 500 minutes of physical activity in your Lifestyle Manager. These are daily activities like walking your dog around the neighborhood or going for a morning run.
Log 500 More Minutes of Physical Activity  

Log in to to track your rewards and view your card balance.  

Funds expire 90 days after termination of insurance coverage.

You will only be able to purchase public transportation directly from the agency either in-person or online. Passes can not be purchased through retail locations such as grocery or convenience stores.

This card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Card cannot be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. See Cardholder Agreement for complete usage restrictions.